What is the effective way to do a small face massage?

People long for a small face that looks youthful no matter how old they are. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the origin of the face that makes your face look bigger, and the points and cautions that make the small face massage effective. In addition, we will introduce the small face massage method and recommended items.

Table of contents

  • What makes your face look so big?
  • Points and precautions to get the effect of small face massage
  • Easy! Small face massage method
  • Halmek WEB editorial department attention! Small face massage item

What makes your face look so big?

The main reason why the face looks big

When the face is tight and looks small, it looks cute and youthful. However, if the face looks big, the balance of the whole body is bad and it gives an old impression. There are 4 main reasons why your face looks bigger.

[Cause 1 for a small face] Taking too much salt

Swelling is one of the reasons why your face looks bigger. Excessive salt intake increases the sodium ion concentration in the body. Then, in order to restore that concentration, the body works to store water, making you feel thirsty and making it difficult to excrete excess water. In other words, water accumulates in the body, making it easier to swell.

Store-bought side dishes, eating out, snacks, etc. are all high in salt. As much as possible, try to cook such meals sparingly, and use less salt in your home cooking.

[Cause of small face 2] Don’t smile much

The muscles that make up the face are called mimetic muscles. If you use this muscle well, it will naturally strengthen and tighten your facial muscles. Moreover, when you smile, it leads to moving the facial muscles well. However, if you don’t usually smile or your facial expression doesn’t change, your facial muscles will not be used and will easily weaken. As a result, the muscles of facial expression become slack, and the face may become loose.

In conversations with people, try to use your facial muscles, such as by moving your eyes and mouth a lot, and by trying to smile.

[Cause of small face 3] Poor blood circulation and distortion of the body

Poor blood circulation may also be the cause of a large face. If your posture is bad and you are stooped, blood circulation and lymphatic flow in your body and face will be poor. Then, the water that should be drained is stagnant, making it easier to swell, and it may lead to discomfort such as stiff shoulders and coldness.

Also, the distortion of the body can also lead to the cause of the big face. Avoid chewing food with only one side while eating, and refrain from crossing your legs or resting your chin on your chin to maintain the symmetrical balance of your body.

[Cause of small face 4] Take cold drinks and food often

If you enjoy cold drinks and food, your body will cool down from the inside. Then, the flow of blood and lymph becomes worse, and it becomes easier to connect to swelling. Especially in the summertime, we crave cold drinks and food.

Also, if you drink more than you need, you can’t keep up with the water discharge, and it may lead to swelling.

Points and precautions to get the effect of small face massage

In order to bring your sagging face closer to a tight and small face, let’s incorporate a small face massage that you can do at home. Doing this every day may help you feel the effects.

[Small face massage point 1] Apply massage oil or cream

Never do a small face massage without putting anything on, and use massage oil or cream instead. The small face massage also involves pulling and rubbing the skin of the face. If you go without wearing anything, friction will occur and it will put a burden on your skin.

If you want to make your face smaller and massage it, but wrinkles increase, it will be a problem. Applying massage cream will make your hands slippery and make the massage easier.

[Small face massage point 2] Do not do it for a long time

You may want to massage carefully and for a long time, thinking, “The more you massage, the smaller your face will be!” However, if you massage too long at a time, the friction will put a strain on your skin. Small face massage is at most three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. About 3 minutes each time is enough.

[Point 3 of small face massage] Don’t apply too much force, do it within a comfortable range

You may end up straining your hands in order to get results quickly, but that is dangerous. A massage that is too strong may overstimulate the facial muscles.

Small face massage is a relaxing time that feels good, not a painful time. By doing it with a strength that feels comfortable, you can expect a healing effect and blood circulation promotion.

[Point 4 of small face massage] Refrain immediately after eating or after drinking alcohol

A small face massage increases the blood flow throughout the body, improves the complexion of the face, and makes it easier to discharge waste products. However, avoid massage immediately after eating. Immediately after a meal, blood is concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract to digest the food. If you massage in such a case, it will be easier to invite indigestion.

A massage after drinking alcohol is also considered dangerous as it can make you more intoxicated.

Easy! Small face massage method

Small face massage method

Now, let’s introduce a massage method that leads to a small face.

Effective immediately! Basic small face lymphatic massage

When performing a small face massage, the first thing you want to incorporate is a basic massage that improves the flow of lymph. Lymph is concentrated in the temples, in front of and below the ears, and around the collarbone. By stimulating these parts, the aim is to improve the flow of lymph and enhance the effect of subsequent part-by-part massage.

・Step 1: Place both hands on the tip of the chin and rub in front of the ear. (10 times)

・Step 2: As in step 1, this time rub from both ends of the lips toward the front of the ear. (10 times)

・Step 3: Use your index and middle fingers to rub from the sides of your nose to the front of your ears under your cheekbones. (10 times)

・Step 4: Using the index and middle fingers, rub from the bottom of the inner corner of the eye to the temple, then from the top of the inner corner of the eye through the eyelid to the temple. (5 times each)

・Step 5: Place both hands on the forehead and rub from the forehead to the temples. (10 times)

・Step 6: Using both hands, rub from the temple to the front of the ear, under the ear, and to the collarbone. (10 times)

Easy lymphatic massage by problem

With age, the contours of the face become blurred and wrinkles tend to increase. Therefore, let’s perform a massage that sharpens the face line from the chin to the gills and approaches the sagging cheeks and nasolabial folds.

Small face massage from chin to gills

・Step 1: Put the pads of your thumbs under your chin and push. (10 times)

・Step 2: As in step 1, move the belly of the thumb from the chin to the bottom of the ear and rub. (10 times)

・Step 3: Make a fist with both hands, apply it to the jaw joint that moves when you open and close your mouth, and turn it outward. (10 times)

・Step 4: Put your left hand under your right ear and rub it from there to your collarbone. Do the same on the other side. (10 times each)

Small cheek massage

・Step 1: Place both hands on the tip of the chin and rub towards the outer corner of the eye. (10 times)

・Step 2: Using the index finger and middle finger, gently push from the side of the nostril → under the cheekbone → in front of the ear.

・Step 3: Use both hands to gently tap from the bottom of the cheek to the top.

・Step 4: Gently massage the dent in front of the ear with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, and rub up to the collarbone. (10 times)

■ Small face massage for nasolabial folds

・Step 1: Use your index and middle fingers to gently push from the bottom to the top of the nasolabial fold.

・Step 2: Place both hands on your mouth as if you were shouting “Yo-ho!” and place your thumbs under your chin. From this state, rub up to the temple. (10 times)

・Step 3: Finally, gently press the sides of the nose with your index and middle fingers. (10 times)

Halmek WEB editorial department attention! Small face massage item

A small face massage should be comfortable and relaxing. For that purpose, it is recommended to use a massage cream that gives firmness to the skin and a Gussa plate that can effectively massage.

93g 3850 yen (tax included)


A massage cream that leads to lively and firm skin. By lightly massaging the cream with a melt-in-the-mouth feeling, it gives the skin a lively luster and firmness, leading to a clean and toned impression. We also recommend the pleasant aqua floral scent. How to use: After applying lotion, take a cherry-sized amount on your fingertips, massage it, and then gently wipe it off with tissue paper. 

[Small Face Item 2] ReFa Face Cassa 4950 yen (tax included)

"ReFa Face Cassa"

A 3D structure Gussa plate born from a unique beauty method. When used as a finishing touch for skin care, it tightens the skin and brings it closer to moist skin that you can look forward to the next morning’s make-up time. The acrylic material plate cut like a crystal is elegant in appearance, and it is an excellent item that reduces the burden on the skin.

If you incorporate a small face massage into your morning and evening skin care steps, you can expect the effect of improving the makeup after that and tightening your swollen face while you sleep. Would you like to make massage a daily habit and always aim for a small and youthful face?

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