What is the Golgo Line? possible causes and treatments

The Golgo line is a line that runs diagonally from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the cheek. Why is the Golgo line, which causes people to look old and tired? Under the supervision of a doctor, we will explain in detail the causes, treatment methods, and preventive care methods.

What is the Golgo Line?  possible causes and treatments

Table of contents

  • What is the Golgo Line?
  • Cause of Golgo Line
  • Treatment of Golgo line (Golgo line)
  • Golgo line (Golgo line) care method for prevention
  • Prevent the worrying Golgo line in your daily life!

What is the Golgo Line?

The official name of the Golgo line is the mid cheek line, which is a straight line that runs diagonally from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the cheek.

Saito Takao/Saito Production’s manga “Golgo 13” is said to have come to be called the “Golgo Line” because it resembles the characteristic lines on the face of the sniper Duke Togo. I’m here.

There are several ligaments in the face that hold it in place and keep it from moving. However, where there is a ligament, grooves are likely to form, making it easy to form lines.

The Golgo line is formed by the zygomatic ligament that separates the eye and cheek. In other words, the Golgo Line is something that everyone has.

However, whether the Golgo line is conspicuous or inconspicuous varies greatly from person to person.

Many people are worried about the Golgo line because it stands out and makes them look old and tired.

The difference between the Golgo line and the dark circles under the eyes

There are three main types of dark circles under the eyes: black bears, blue bears, and brown bears. Depending on the person, the type and location of the bear will vary, but there are cases where the Golgo line overlaps with the bear.

It is easy to overlap with the Golgo line in “black bears”, which means that shadows are formed under the eyes due to protrusion of orbital fat, etc., and it looks like a black bear.

Cause of Golgo Line

Cause of Golgo Line

There are several possible causes for the formation of the Golgo line. From here, let’s take a closer look at the causes of Golgo lines.

Weakening of facial muscles and fascia

When facial muscles and fascia weaken, the skin becomes sagging and the Golgo line becomes more noticeable.

There are about 60 types of facial muscles on the face, such as the “orbicularis oculi muscle” around the eyes, the “levator lip superior muscle” that extends from the cheeks to the mouth, and the “levator nasolabial lip superior muscle” that pulls up the cheeks next to the nose. , These move to create facial expressions.

However, if you don’t use it much or get older, facial muscles will weaken.

Among them, it is said that the Golgo line is affected by the “orbicularis oculi muscle” around the eyes and the “levator labialis and zygomaticus minor” muscles on the cheeks. Weakening of these muscles causes the cheeks to sag and the grooves between the ligaments to deepen, leading to the Golgo line.

Lifestyle habits that lead to weakening of facial muscles

Recently, the number of people who use smartphones and computers for a long time is increasing, and eye strain caused by such habits is one of the causes of Golgo lines.

In addition, due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), he spent more time at home, and he said, “I have fewer opportunities to talk to people,” “I laugh less,” and “I often remain expressionless.” ” and so on, there are fewer opportunities to move facial muscles than before.

If you don’t move your facial muscles, not only will your muscle strength decrease, but the flow of blood and lymph tends to stagnate, which slows down your skin’s metabolism, making it easier to swell.

facial expression

Each person has different facial expressions, which also affects how easily Golgo lines can be formed.

People who smile with wrinkles around their nose may be more likely to have Golgo lines due to their facial expressions.

atrophy of subcutaneous fat

As people age, the subcutaneous fat may shrink and shrink.

When the subcutaneous fat is solid when young, the Golgo line is hidden and invisible, but as the subcutaneous fat atrophy occurs with age, the Golgo line becomes noticeable.

Decrease in firmness and elasticity of skin due to aging

One of the reasons why the Golgo line becomes more noticeable is that the skin loses firmness and elasticity due to aging. The amount of collagen in the skin is related to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Skin with a large amount of collagen has firm elasticity, but if the amount of collagen is small, the elasticity decreases.

The elasticity of the skin changes with age, and the firmness and elasticity gradually decrease.

In addition, during menopause, the secretion of estrogen, a female hormone, decreases significantly in women, but estrogen has the function of promoting collagen synthesis. As estrogen levels drop, so does collagen production.

Due to the effects of aging and estrogen reduction, it is said that the amount of collagen in the skin in the 60s will be half of that in the 20s.

Congenital skeleton and subcutaneous fat distribution

Nasolabial folds are something that everyone can do, regardless of gender, although there are differences in degree. Even children can have nasolabial folds. However, the Golgo line is not always possible, and there are individual differences, some people can do it, and some people can’t.

Whether or not the Golgo line is formed (whether it is conspicuous or inconspicuous) is greatly influenced by the person’s innate skeleton and how subcutaneous fat is deposited.

For example, it is said that people with protruding or taut cheekbones are less likely to have Golgo lines, and people with flat cheekbones are more likely to have Golgo lines. Golgo lines may also be formed due to natural dimples (adhesions).

How fat is attached is also a factor that affects how the Golgo line looks. It is said that people who are thin, have little subcutaneous fat under the eyes, have thin skin under the eyes, or have well-developed ligaments are more likely to have Golgo lines.

As the skin under the eyes thins with age, the percentage of people with Golgo lines increases with age.

Treatment of Golgo line (Golgo line)

Treatment of Golgo line (Golgo line)

Golgo lines can be treated with aesthetic medicine treatments. From here, we will explain the Golgo line treatment that can be performed at the beauty clinic.

hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is a method of injecting hyaluronic acid along the groove of the Golgo line. The hyaluronic acid formulation makes the dented part plump and voluminous, making the Golgo line less noticeable.

The treatment time for hyaluronic acid injection is about 10 minutes, and it is a method with little downtime because it can be treated only by injection. However, since hyaluronic acid is decomposed and absorbed in the body, it is necessary to receive treatment regularly if you want to maintain the effect.

fat injection

Fat injection is a method of injecting fat taken from your body by liposuction into the Golgo line.

It is said that the effect lasts for a long time after it is established, but it tends to have longer downtime than hyaluronic acid injection.

Mid-face lift surgery

Mid-face lift surgery is a surgery performed by making an incision along the lower eyelash line. The cheek fat is lifted and fixed with a thread, and excess muscle and skin are removed and sutured.

Mid-facelift surgery requires more downtime due to skin incisions.


In addition, there are treatments using drugs such as botanical fillers (injections using natural materials) and Radiesse (injections made mainly from calcium hydroxyapatite, which forms teeth and bones).

Since the menu differs depending on the beauty clinic, it is a good idea to consult with a counselor.

Golgo line (Golgo line) care method for prevention

Golgo line (Golgo line) care method for prevention

From here, we will introduce care methods for preventing Golgo lines.

nutritionally balanced diet

In order to keep the skin healthy, it is important to take vitamin A, which supports the skin and mucous membranes, vitamin C, which is necessary for synthesizing intracellular collagen, and vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect and promotes blood circulation. Let’s take.

It is also recommended to take isoflavones, which act like the female hormone estrogen.

refrain from smoking, quit smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of poor blood flow in the body. Poor blood flow slows down the metabolism of the skin, causing loss of skin firmness and elasticity, spots and dullness, aging of the skin, and dryness of the skin.

Tobacco contains many harmful substances such as nicotine and tar, which interfere with the action of female hormones, damage cells, and accelerate aging. In addition, harmful substances contained in cigarettes also affect the generation of large amounts of active oxygen.

Vitamin C and vitamin E work to remove active oxygen. When you smoke, you consume a large amount of vitamins, which are important for beautiful skin, and as a result, the amount of collagen that makes up your skin decreases, and the condition of your skin worsens.

Smoking can worsen the condition of the skin and lead to the deterioration of the Golgo line, as well as cause bad breath and yellowing of the teeth.

avoid sleep deprivation

Sleep is very important to keep your skin healthy, not just the Golgo line. When a person is sleeping, “growth hormone” is secreted that promotes cell division in the skin. If you don’t get enough sleep, your growth hormone won’t be secreted properly, and your skin’s turnover will be delayed.

If skin turnover is disturbed, it leads to a decrease in collagen and elastin in the skin, making it easier for sagging and dryness to occur, which may lead to Golgo lines.

Getting out in the sun in the morning to reset your body clock, and avoiding looking at your smartphone or computer an hour before you go to bed will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Skin care and UV protection

Dry skin leads to wrinkles and sagging, which can lead to Golgo lines. Choose skin care cosmetics that can moisturize well, and moisturize your skin enough in the morning and evening.

Also, to protect healthy skin, it is important to take measures against UV rays. Ultraviolet rays reduce collagen and elastin, so use sunscreen, hats, parasols, sunglasses, etc. to thoroughly protect against ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays also penetrate indoors, so it is necessary to take measures against ultraviolet rays not only when you go out but also during the days you spend indoors.

Facial massage/stretching/training

It is said that facial massage, stretching, and training are often meaningless for the Golgo line. Be careful, as self-styled facial muscle training may cause wrinkles in other parts.

However, since massage smoothes the flow of lymph, it is OK to massage while paying attention to friction on the skin.

Prevent the worrying Golgo line in your daily life!

The Golgo line is affected by factors such as weakening of facial muscles and fascia, deterioration of skin firmness and elasticity due to aging, and atrophy of subcutaneous fat. However, the influence of the inborn skeleton and subcutaneous fat is also large.

Golgo lines are difficult to improve with massage, training, stretching, etc., and overdoing them may cause new wrinkles, so be careful. If you have a moderate massage, you can expect effects such as promoting blood circulation.

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