What is the topic “Chinese cosmetics”? Amazing inside and out!

Recently, “Chinese cosmetics” are attracting attention. The impact of the appearance is also a topic, but there are many items that are affordable and of excellent quality. It can be used even in the 50s! Here are some recommended Chinese cosmetics.

What is the topic "Chinese cosmetics"?  Amazing inside and out

Table of contents

  • Chinese cosmetics are excellent in appearance, content and price!
  • [Chinese cosmetics 1] ZEESEA COSMETICS
  • [Chinese cosmetics 2] FlowerKnows
  • [Chinese cosmetics 3] CHIOTURE
  • [Chinese cosmetics 4] INTO U

Chinese cosmetics are excellent in appearance, content and price!

Speaking of China, since ancient times, it is a country that has a deep connection with health and beauty, such as swallow’s nest and Chinese medicine. Chinese cosmetics, which are familiar with such beauty, have recently been attracting attention in Japan as well. The eye-catching package has an impact, but the contents are excellent even though it is a small price. Moreover, we have items that can be used by adults!

For those of you who don’t know what brands are available or what items are recommended, I picked up Chinese cosmetics that caught my attention.

[Chinese cosmetics 1] ZEESEA COSMETICS

ZEESEA COSMETICS is a cosmetic brand from China. Anyway, the impact of the package is big! There are items that can be fun just by looking at them. The best recommendation is Zushi’s representative item, Picasso package lipstick.

■ Picasso Lip Velvet Lipstick (#919 Mary Taylor) ¥1,900 (tax included)

Not inferior to the package, the contents are also quite original. Surprisingly, Picasso’s abstract paintings and signatures are also carved on the lip part. I feel like it would be a waste if it disappeared after use, but this lipstick has good color development and makes your complexion look good, so it is recommended for adults.

Personally, I love the popular terracotta color 919. The texture and color retention are impeccable. If you fix your makeup in public, you’ll definitely be the center of attention!

[Chinese cosmetics 2] FlowerKnows

Fashion cosmetics brand “FlowerKnows” started in 2016. We are developing makeup products featuring girlish designs targeting the Z generation. The point is the nostalgic retro package for the adult generation and the emotional retro package for the young generation. We recommend an eyeshadow palette that gives you attractive eyes.

■Retro Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette (05) 1,980 yen (tax included) *Editorial research

For adults, the retro palette is inspired by nostalgic cassette tapes, with a variety of textures such as matte, satin, and pearl. 05 on the right side of the image contains beige and brown colors, so it is very useful for daily use. Since it contains 6 colors, you can enjoy various eye makeup depending on the combination. It’s light to wear and keeps the color vibrant all day long.

[Chinese cosmetics 3] CHIOTURE

CHIOTURE is a Chinese cosmetic brand with a wide variety of cute items that will tickle your girlish heart. We have a lineup of the latest cosmetics such as paw cheeks with the motif of cat paws. Looking at the many items that tickle the girl’s heart, it seems that it will brighten up your mood.

This recommendation is a cute paw cheek that everyone wants.

■CHIOTURE Lovely Paw Cheek (04, 10) 1265 yen each (tax included)

The cuteness of the package is eye-catching, but the contents are also quite useful items. The image is 04 oolong tea milk with a soft powder texture and 10 fruit milk with a chewy milky texture. You can also enjoy different textures such as powder and sticky milky. Of course, you can use a single color, but you can also use a blend of two colors. Since the cheek color can be seen through the paws made of clear material, you will want to display them in several colors.

[Chinese cosmetics 4] INTO U

“INTO U” is the origin of the brand name from the English word “INTO YOU”. It seems that the message of getting close to you and growing together is included. The mud-like lipstick that has sold over 5 million copies in Asia is very popular, and this spring, the second version has appeared.

This is the Mizuori Hikari lip tint.

■ INTO U Water Reflecting Lip Tint (R04 Naughty Cassis Coke) 1430 yen (tax included)

A lip tint that gives you translucent and moist lips that shine as if they are reflecting light. Moisturizing oil in water keeps your lips moisturized. The color is well developed and the color lasts all day long.

The package also has some ingenuity, such as the spotlight-like gel and transparent cap that can refract light from various angles. Just looking at it reminds me of a bright makeup effect. There are 6 colors in total, but the recommended one is R04 Naughty Cassis Coke. A bright orange color gives a healthy impression.

There may be people who are fascinated by the cute appearance of Chinese cosmetics, but do not know where to buy them. By the way, I purchased some at Qoo10. Recently, you can find them not only at e-commerce shops, but also at drugstores and variety shops, so it might be a good idea to look for them!

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