What is turnover? How to adjust the skin cycle and eliminate disturbance

We will introduce the mechanism of skin turnover and how to adjust the cycle and eliminate disturbance. Recently, more and more women are trying to keep their skin youthful even after reaching their 40s and 50s. Normalizing the turnover is one of the points of making beautiful skin. I will explain why.

How to adjust the skin cycle and eliminate disturbance

Table of contents

  • What is the point “turnover” for keeping beautiful skin?
  • How does turnover work? Keep the right cycle!
  • Turnover consists of 3 steps: generation, growth, and discharge
  • What causes the skin turnover cycle to be disturbed? Focus on both external & internal factors
  • What is the recommended way to adjust the turnover cycle of the skin?
  • How to speed up the skin turnover cycle?
  • Be conscious of turnover and get beautiful skin!

What is the point “turnover” for keeping beautiful skin?

Just as your hair grows at an invisible speed every day, your skin is reborn in a certain cycle. This metabolic mechanism is called “turnover”.

To explain in a little more detail, the skin is made up of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis can also be divided into several layers. Since the stratum corneum is in contact with various things such as dust in the air and your own hair, it has the property that dirt easily adheres to it, and after a certain period of time it naturally comes off as dirt. .

New epidermal keratinocytes are constantly being generated in the basal layer to compensate for the expelled skin. The generated epidermal keratinocytes gradually grow and are pushed upward, reaching the stratum corneum in about 4 weeks. And after two weeks, it will finish its role and be discharged as old keratin.
This series of cycles of “generation, growth, and discharge” is called turnover. If you have skin problems such as rough skin or acne, the turnover cycle will be disturbed. Let’s aim for a healthy and beautiful skin that can maintain a normal turnover cycle.

It takes about 6 weeks even for healthy skin to see the results of daily skin care

How does turnover work? Keep the right cycle!

How does turnover work?

Turnover is often said to be one cycle in about 6 weeks, but in fact it varies greatly depending on age and body part. This is because turnover is closely related to skin metabolism, and the cycle tends to become longer as we age.
Let’s start by knowing the approximate turnover cycle, using 1.5 to 2 times your age as a guide.

Turnover consists of 3 steps: generation, growth, and discharge

There are three steps in turnover: generation, growth, and discharge. If you can follow this step smoothly for a certain period of time, you will be able to maintain a fresh and beautiful skin no matter how old you are.

In particular, regarding the generation in the stratum basale, a regular lifestyle is essential to create beautiful cells. An unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, stress, etc. all adversely affect the rebirth of cells. Once the skin turnover is disturbed, it is necessary to wait for a certain period in order to adjust it, so it is important to maintain the correct cycle as long as possible.

In addition, if cells that have undergone incomplete generation and growth reach the stratum corneum, the barrier function that protects the skin will decrease, and there is a risk of adversely affecting the underlying layers. Turnover tends to be hasty when stimulated. If you feel that the turnover of the stratum corneum is not working well, you should take care of basic skin care such as moisturizing, and remove unnecessary keratin properly with a mild scrub or peeling method that is less stressful on your skin. It’s also a good idea to give it back to the good cycle quickly by giving it.

What causes the skin turnover cycle to be disturbed? Focus on both external & internal factors

The causes of disordered skin turnover are classified into external factors and internal factors.

[External factors of turnover disturbance] UV ​​rays and dryness

What causes the skin turnover cycle to be disturbed?

First of all, the major external factors are “ultraviolet rays” and “dryness”. These two damage the skin and accumulate damage. First, UV rays thicken the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin. A thickened stratum corneum not only makes it look rougher, but it also risks inadequate drainage.

In addition, as the thickness of the skin surface increases, the ability to retain moisture also declines, causing a vicious cycle in which the skin becomes more prone to dryness. If the stratum corneum is disturbed, it will turn over earlier or later than the ideal cycle, resulting in deterioration of skin quality.

[Internal factor of disordered turnover] Stress and disordered lifestyle

What causes the skin turnover cycle to be disturbed?

In addition, internal factors can be roughly divided into stress and lifestyle disturbances. Concretely speaking, disordered lifestyles include “lack of sleep”, “lack of exercise”, “excessive diet”, “overeating and drinking”, “smoking”, and “constipation and bowel problems”. Also, these internal factors are not independent of each other, and when one goes wrong, it tends to affect the others. For example, excessive stress can induce binge eating and drinking, which can contribute to bowel problems.

So what they all have in common is that if you lead an irregular life, your turnover will be disrupted. In particular, these internal factors not only disrupt turnover, but can also cause direct skin problems. In order to prevent skin problems caused by lifestyle, such as acne and rough skin, it is good to be conscious of a regular life.

Also, lack of exercise is a major factor in slowing turnover, so be conscious of moving your body moderately on a daily basis. No need for strenuous jogging or hard training at the gym. The point is to find a style that suits you and that you can continue to do, rather than overdoing it.

Once the turnover of the skin goes crazy, it takes time to improve, so it is important to live a life that is conscious of external and internal factors and adjusts the turnover.

What is the recommended way to adjust the turnover cycle of the skin?

What is the recommended way to adjust the turnover cycle of the skin?

I would like to recommend “UV protection” and “physical building” as a way to adjust the turnover of the skin. It is recommended to take care of UV rays not only in the summer when the sun is strong, but also throughout the year. It’s easy to be careless on cloudy days, but UV rays may be hitting at the same level as on sunny days, so be sure to take proper UV care.

It is important not only to use sunscreen cream, but also to protect yourself from UV rays by using a parasol. Also, if your skin is prone to dryness, you can keep it moisturized by using a daytime mist lotion.

You should also be aware of aerobic exercise such as walking and swimming, and muscle building using equipment. At first glance, it may seem that beautiful skin and building a healthy body have nothing to do with each other. Moderate exercise also boosts your body’s metabolism.

By continuing to move your body every day, you will be able to promote a more active metabolism than your age. When your metabolism becomes active, your turnover cycle also becomes shorter. In other words, young and new cells rise to the stratum corneum at a high speed.

How to speed up the skin turnover cycle?

How to speed up the skin turnover cycle?

Turnover slows down with age, but old skin does not grow back easily, which can cause dullness. As a way to speed up the turnover cycle, you can always be conscious of “moderate exercise”, “high quality sleep”, and “balanced diet”. However, as you get older, even if you lead a regular life, your turnover may become more erratic. In such a case, it is also recommended to incorporate supplements and skin care products that promote turnover. For example, there is “placenta” in the ingredient that is said to be effective in turnover.

Ceramide and turnover

Ceramide is a component that greatly affects the amount of moisture contained in the skin. As ceramide is said to be an intercellular lipid in the stratum corneum, it is located between cells and has the effect of moisturizing the entire skin.

placenta and turnover

Amino acids contained in the placenta can be expected to promote skin turnover. Placenta comes in “animal,” “marine,” and “vegetable,” and in addition to taking it as a supplement, it can also be taken into the body through injections.

By incorporating ceramide-containing lotion and placenta-based supplements, it may be possible to speed up and adjust the disordered turnover cycle. However, depending on the person, side effects may occur, so be sure to observe the dosage and use while monitoring your physical condition, and if you have any trouble, consult a medical institution.

If you have skin troubles due to metabolic disturbances, you should review your skin care products and consider improving them with supplements.

Be conscious of turnover and get beautiful skin!

get beautiful skin

Glossy and fresh skin is an object of admiration no matter how old you are. Taking in high-end skin care products is good, but just being conscious of your skin’s turnover can change your skin’s texture. Find a way to care for yourself and get beautiful skin.

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