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Eri Nakao, a beauty writer of the same age, introduces beauty knowledge for women in their fifties. This time, how to prevent “lipstick” that sticks to the front teeth called “tooth red”. Try to work on simple measures such as tips on how to apply lipstick well and muscle training around the mouth.

Tooth redness measures

Table of contents

  • Why do you have lipstick on your front teeth?
  • Correct skeletal problems. Sagging is muscle training and clinic treatment.
  • Be careful about how to apply lipstick, how to choose it, and what habits you have!

Why do you have lipstick on your front teeth?

I applied lipstick beautifully, but when I looked in the mirror, I found lipstick on my front teeth! This is commonly referred to as “tooth redness”. If the person you’re talking to is doing that, your eyes will focus on it, but it’s hard to point it out. In my case, it’s very embarrassing to find out later! That’s what it means. But why does it become “tooth red”?

One of the reasons why lipstick sticks to your teeth is because your front teeth are protruding. People with bad teeth are also prone to physically sticking to it. Or people with thin upper lips are also easy to wear.

There are several possible causes for people who have been having a lot of it lately. For one, I started using darker lipsticks. Or the problem of how to apply it to the inside of the lips, the mouth has become saggy due to aging, muscle weakness, dry mouth, etc.

Correct skeletal problems. Sagging is muscle training and clinic treatment.

Photo: Pixta Correction

If your front teeth are sticking out or your teeth are out of alignment, you should get them straightened anyway. It is said that bad occlusion can be detrimental to your health, and you are more likely to develop cavities and gum disease if you do not brush your teeth properly. It may cost you money and time, but it’s not just a matter of looks, it’s also a health benefit.

If the nasolabial fold is getting deeper, the sagging around the mouth is also a factor. Sagging is also a loosening of muscles, so you can avoid it by training. There are various stick-shaped fitness items for the face that you can put in your mouth, so you can make use of them.

Fitness items for bar faces

There is also an alternative idea of ​​adding disposable chopsticks.

It is also recommended to try strength training. The orbicularis oris muscle that surrounds the lips can be trained by holding the mouth in a “U” shape. It’s hard to pinpoint and train your mouth, so just being conscious should change it.

Photo: Pixta Keep your mouth in the shape of "U"

For those who find muscle training to be troublesome, there is also a way to eliminate sagging at the clinic. Machines that use infrared rays, such as Titan and Genesis, give firmness to the entire skin. Alternatively, it is possible to increase the volume from the depths of the skin by injecting collagen or hyaluronic acid.

If you think it’s about the sagging of the mouth, there is a risk of dry mouth, so be careful. Aging-related muscle weakness can lead to dry mouth, and if left untreated, saliva secretion will decrease, leading to worsening periodontal disease and bad breath, and even increasing the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

Be careful about how to apply lipstick, how to choose it, and what habits you have!

How to apply and choose lipstick

Pay attention to the color of lipstick you apply and how you apply it. Dark colors will stand out, so beige is a good choice. However, if you don’t have a color that matches your age, you will look older, so choose beige with a slight redness such as rose beige or pink beige.

As for how to apply, it is OK even if you do not apply it all the way to the inside of your lips. Even if you dab the inside with your finger. If you really want to apply a dark color, lightly apply a tissue to your lips at the end, or lightly dab powder to calm the color. You can also use a lipstick that does not come off easily, or use a lip coat or other item that makes the lipstick last longer.

Also, if your mouth is thirsty, it is easy for your teeth to become red, so I think it’s a good idea to hydrate frequently. Also, avoid the habit of unconsciously biting your lips.

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