With “good foam”, you can clean your aged skin with just one face wash!

For aging skin that is sensitive to irritation and prone to dryness, daily “face washing” is a care that should be reconsidered. The point is to wash with “good foam” without rubbing. Why not start a cleansing habit that makes you beautiful just by washing.

Washing face (photographed by Hiroto Nakanishi, modeled by Tomoko Katsura, hair and make-up by Kesaki Kojima)

Table of contents

  • No scrubbing face wash! It may become dark spots and wrinkles
  • The correct face wash is to wash with fine “good foam”
  • Choose a moisturizing cleanser for aging skin

No scrubbing face wash! It may become dark spots and wrinkles

When you’re young, your skin’s metabolism works normally, so old keratin naturally peels off, but as you age, your metabolism is disturbed, so old keratin tends to remain on your skin. If left untreated, the skin will not only look dull and dull, but the keratin will act as a barrier and prevent the penetration of the necessary cosmetics into the skin. is not satisfactory.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly remove old keratin by “washing your face” every morning and every night.

However, depending on how you wash it, it can also cause skin problems. The last thing you should do is the old habit of scrubbing your skin while washing your face.

Age skin, which is sensitive to stimulation, reacts sensitively to even the slightest stimulation. Scrubbing can cause wrinkles, dullness, and spots. In addition, sebum is absolutely necessary for aging skin that is prone to dryness to protect the skin from dryness.

Choose a gentle cleanser that removes dead skin cells while not stripping your skin of oils. Just by properly washing your face with a face wash that is gentle on aging skin, your skin will become brighter, and the lotion and serum you apply later will penetrate more quickly, making you beautiful faster.

The correct face wash is to wash with fine “good foam”

 “Good foam” refers to dense, resilient, fine foam. It feels like you are massaging your face with a foam cushion, so you can gently wash your skin without rubbing and remove dead skin cells.

When lathering, please be careful if you think that each bubble is large or that the bubbles disappear immediately when you put it on your skin. Because it is a watery foam, it tends to spread on the skin and rub it.

For those who want to wash with “good foam” but are clumsy and not good at lathering, we recommend facial cleansers that come out as foam. Even if you don’t bother to lather, just press the pump and the finest bubbles will come out, so it’s convenient for washing your face on busy mornings or nights when you want to go to bed immediately.

After washing your face with plenty of foam, it is also important to rinse thoroughly. The foam on the skin contains a lot of dirt, so if it remains on the skin, it can cause skin problems. Rinse well so that it does not remain on your forehead or face line.

Even when rinsing, it is strictly prohibited to rub with your hands. After accumulating plenty of water in your hands, apply it gently and rinse thoroughly. Of course, when wiping off, do not rub your face too hard, but gently wipe off the water by wrapping your face with a towel.

Choose a moisturizing cleanser for aging skin


How to wash face with foam

Soap is the traditional facial cleanser, but now there are facial cleansers with high skin care effects that make your skin more moisturized after washing. For dry, aging skin, choose a facial cleanser with a high moisturizing effect.

The point is that it contains beauty ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid that decrease from the skin with age. The beauty ingredients penetrate while you wash your face, and you will notice a difference in the moist feeling of your skin after washing your face.

In addition, in recent years, there are facial cleansers with extremely high penetration power, such as nano-sized ingredients with high skin care effects that are also used in beauty serums. can also be expected.

There are also facial cleansers that are highly moisturizing and can even care for fine wrinkles caused by dryness. Why don’t you get a bright and beautiful skin with a facial cleanser that has a high skin care effect that moisturizes aging skin?

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