You can do it at home! Easy diet for adults and lifestyle habits to lose weight

Wellness and diet expert Kiyoka Wada explains how to do a simple exercise diet for adults in their fifties to 50s. This time, I will explain about “the habit of losing weight”.

What is a lifestyle diet from the 50s?

Table of contents

  • fat? The first step 
  • “Easy yet slimming exercises”
  • When going out, raise your gaze and “walk fast”
  • “Sleep beauty while sleeping” to a slim constitution with a good night’s sleep

fat? The first step 

fat?  The first step is to understand your current situation

A simple diet series for people in their 50s, this time it’s a daily life edition. The secret to losing weight is not to overdo it! I will explain the points that you can incorporate in your spare time to help you build a body that is hard to gain weight for the rest of your life with a simple exercise diet. Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym or studio, you can lose weight just by incorporating it into your daily activities and habits!

“I think I’ve gained weight, but if I diet a little, I’ll still be able to manage it,” aren’t you spending your days without facing reality? There must be a lot of people who can’t remember when they got on the scale. In such a state, there is no way to get serious about dieting!

Start by getting on the scale and knowing your current weight. Next, get naked and check your whole body in the mirror. Don’t forget to see your back with a matching mirror. You may be surprised by the reality that the body line has collapsed more than you imagined.

Clothing with an elastic waist is comfortable, but sometimes you can tighten it with a belt to tighten your mind and body, so it is recommended to change from fashion. I put more emphasis on my body line than my weight, so I have decided on one piece of “standard clothes”. When you wear it, you can know when you’ve gained weight, and of course, when you’ve lost weight, so your motivation will increase.

“Easy yet slimming exercises” that you can do at home

The adult generation is busy with work and private life. Even if you don’t take time to exercise, I recommend exercising while adding a little ingenuity to your daily activities. Even if each calorie consumption is small, the dust piles up and becomes a mountain. It also strengthens your muscles and transforms your body into one that is easy to lose weight.

[Simple exercise 1] Raise and lower heels

[While exercise 1] Raise and lower the heel

Exercise your calf muscles by raising and lowering your heels when using the dryer or brushing your teeth. Your calves are also called your “second heart,” and this stretch stimulates the muscles in your lower body. It improves blood circulation, so it is also effective in relieving coldness and swelling.

[Simple exercise 2] During commercials, sandwich a magazine to slim your legs

[While exercising 2] During the commercial, sandwich the magazine and lose weight

If you’re sitting in a chair with your legs spread apart, it’s likely that the adductor muscles on the inside of your thighs are weakening. When you’re watching TV, consciously close your legs during commercials. By sandwiching the magazine, the force is added, so the adductor muscles are strengthened and the legs become slender and beautiful. You can also expect the effect of preventing urine leakage.

Sit on the sofa with your back straight. Hold the magazine between your thighs and try not to drop it for about 30 seconds. It is an image that closes the zipper from the knee to the neck.

When going out, raise your gaze and “walk fast”

When going out, raise your gaze and “walk fast”

When you walk normally, are you conscious of your posture and speed? Walking normally for 30 minutes burns about 80 kcal. If you walk fast with long strides, it will be about 130 kcal! At that time, while looking 2 to 3 cm above your eyes, swing your arms back and be aware of the movement of your shoulder blades.

When going out, there are many opportunities for “exercising while losing weight” other than walking. For example, when sitting on a train, you can just close your thighs as I mentioned earlier. When you’re standing, we recommend squeezing your buttocks and centering your buttocks. While exercising, your walking and standing posture will naturally become more beautiful, killing two birds with one stone.

“Sleep beauty while sleeping” to a slim constitution with a good night’s sleep

"Sleep beauty while sleeping" to a slim constitution with a good night's sleep

Sleep and diet seem unrelated. In fact, the growth hormone secreted during sleep repairs and regenerates body tissues such as skin, muscles, and bones, and also works to burn fat. In addition, short sleep time increases ghrelin, which increases appetite, and decreases leptin, which suppresses appetite, resulting in a strong appetite. In other words, quality sleep is essential for dieting.

■Points for getting a good night
‘s sleep ・Take a bath 1-2 hours before going to
bed ・Before going to bed, stretch lightly to relax
・Use indirect lighting that is not too bright
・Wear comfortable pajamas Wear
it ・Do not bring your smartphone to bed
・Close your eyes, breathe and meditate

I also cherish the relaxing time with scents, such as massaging my feet with aroma oil and spraying aroma spray in my bedroom. If you can sleep well, you can stay active, so you can put effort into your diet, which is a good thing.

A sudden and severe diet cannot last long and may cause a rebound. Let’s continue a diet that can be continued for a long time without difficulty in our daily lives!

Who taught you the 50s diet?

Seika Wada

Seika Wada
Wellness & Diet Expert

So far, he has tried over 350 diets and succeeded in losing 15 kg himself. He studied body making and general beauty in NY and obtained a license.
In addition to appearing in magazines, television, and seminars, he is also involved in the development of health and beauty related products. Wall training You will like to move your body! ’! (published by Natsume Publishing) and many other books. She currently teaches body conditioning at Senzoku Ongakuen University’s dance department.

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